A questionable start

You have a wonderful sense of humour. I read an article today on the 4 things recruiters look for when they research candidates online. One of those features is personality. You demonstrate oodles of it here. So keep on blogging, Justine.

Justine Gilholm

Do you have the urge to listen to an anti-social 18 year old ramble on about random issues for the sole purpose of entertaining a select few on the internet? Look no further, you’ve come to the right place. Hopefully over the next couple of months my writing will improve so much you may just shed a tear ( but let’s not get our hopes up).

As I’m sure you can already tell, my writing is like your first college boyfriend: a bit sloppy and certainly nothing to write home about. I’d like to think I’m on the right track to becoming a good writer, I just need a bit of practice. I usually find it difficult to wrap up a topic I’m discussing and finish with an impactful conclusion. Surely this blog will at least improve this issue.

My experiences as a writer are limited. Most people in…

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Never thought I’d be here.

I love this blog entry. One gets a sense of the writer’s personality, images have been cleanly embedded in the text (and they’ve been sourced), and my rubric has been followed. And, of course, the writing is clean. This will likely be an entry for the Greg Award Blogger of the Year. Students, if you want to know how to rock your blog assignment, check out Brianne’s blog.

Brianne Garrah

I guess this makes me a blogger!

screen-shot-2017-01-19-at-2-40-50-pmGet this image here.

I’ve hardly ever thought about myself as a writer. I’d usually groan and complain about having to write essays, never really feeling inspired to write. Yet somehow here I am – blogging for the entire world to hear my thoughts.

Now of course, I was encouraged to start blogging by my professors – they’re pretty much the ‘know all’ for what can lead us to success – and having a blog is really a great tool to use professionally. Some of the past AMC students have found success and gotten job offers because of their blogs!

Although, the thought of this post being on not only a public forum but one that can reach a global audience, is a little stressful, I am definitely up for the task. I feel that knowing everyone and their grandmother can see this adds some…

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God bless autocorrect

Thank you for sharing your Instagram details. I watched/listened to some of your performances there. There is definitely much more to Maggie Doherty than meets the eye. BTW, there’s more to good writing than grammar and spelling, as you’ve demonstrated capably in your lyrics and your first post.

Wake up Maggie

Ever mess up a word so bad auto correct can’t even figure it out? Welcome to my life. Spelling is my greatest weakness; I’m horrible at it. Maybe it’s because I have become so reliant on auto correct to fix my mistakes or the fact I’ve always been like this, either way, the struggle is real.

I love the ability to put your thoughts into words, getting deeper into the idea you create by writing it

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Prepared for an Image?

Liam, I looked into your music. Wow. Thank you for sharing your Instagram site. I’d like to access more of your music if possible. I also look forward to reading more from you.

Liam Chesebrough

I am. I’m the type of person that’s changing all the time, switching things up to see if they work. I’m not afraid of change, I prefer it!

The idea of writing a blog seems helpful, although I’ve never really been about literally explaining my ideas. I’ve been able to express my vision through pictures, film, style, and music. I’ve always been curious as to how people perceived my image because I never tell them what to think of me. I perform and sit back determining the results.

Going into depth through blogging about my life, goals, and thoughts will be a useful tool for my career.

It is of my opinion that readers can appreciate my writing style; I envision my more creative writing as a means of assembling little works into a larger holistic idea. For example, my own poetry and songwriting have the purpose of inspiring myself…

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Reflection: Having an Identity

I’m looking forward to reading more from this young St. Lawrence College blogger.


Want to be successful? As a young writer, having an identity from experiences are how I become more successful at writing. Identifying my own strengths and weaknesses are key in keeping myself motivated to improve. The personality of a writer is defined by their perception on life, which is derived from the experiences that make them human.

The experiences I’ve shared through publishing photos and videos on social media, has assisted me in making the transition to blogging, as a more professional presence online. My understanding of communication in the world of social media, will further help me create an intriguing image to employers. I find blogging is img_0312similar to LinkedIn, but a more customizable experience that allows me to better share my perception of life.

My strengths within my field of writing have improved since the early Autumn months of 2016. The enhancement of my vocabulary has definitely made a…

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To blog or not to blog…

Here’s one writer to watch.


I am no stranger to blogging, having dabbled on LiveJournal eons ago (which lasted all of five minutes before I grew bored of my own adolescent ramblings) and currently being in possession of a Tumblr account (which will never be linked to my true identity). Before becoming a student at SLC, however, I never considered seriously blogging for professional reasons…until now.

The general consensus of the AMC faculty is that a blog is a necessity for an aspiring marketer seeking the attentions of a future employer. (Frank Armstrong seems to know what’s what.) Even if this blog were not an assignment, I think that I would have started it anyway. I am in this program to ultimately get a job in the marketing field and am willing to do what it takes to reach that goal. I feel that I am a fairly strong writer and – assuming…

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From a future writer

Keep on blogging, Amanda. Write fearlessly and fiercely.


Hi everyone. Today I am going to express my feelings and thoughts towards writing and the challenges I face but hope to overcome. As a graduated hairstylist, I have not spent much time writing or practicing my writing, therefore, I am concerned my writing skills are not up to par.

During my year at Versailles Academy of hair and make up, I have spent almost no time at all practicing my writing. Instead, we practiced our communication and people skills to be able to adapt with different personalities. I would call myself a communicator and presenter over a writer but would eventually like to change that aspect of my life since I do enjoy writing. To me, writing is about expressing yourself which I enjoy doing through dance or journaling, which unfortunately to date has been for my eyes only.

Writing in a journal is a start for me to…

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