To blog or not to blog…

Here’s one writer to watch.

Kelly Keates

I am no stranger to blogging, having dabbled on LiveJournal eons ago (which lasted all of five minutes before I grew bored of my own adolescent ramblings) and currently being in possession of a Tumblr account (which will never be linked to my true identity). Before becoming a student at SLC, however, I never considered seriously blogging for professional reasons…until now.

The general consensus of the AMC faculty is that a blog is a necessity for an aspiring marketer seeking the attentions of a future employer. (Frank Armstrong seems to know what’s what.) Even if this blog were not an assignment, I think that I would have started it anyway. I am in this program to ultimately get a job in the marketing field and am willing to do what it takes to reach that goal. I feel that I am a fairly strong writer and – assuming…

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Business communications instructor, journalist, corporate communications writer and media trainer ... and Masters Candidate M.Ad.Ed.
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