Thank you to my student heroes

One of my student heroes stopped by my office yesterday to say good-bye as he finishes his last week at St. Lawerence College and leaves for his final placement, culminating three remarkable years at our institution.
He wasn’t saying good-bye because I won’t see him again, but from now on, our relationship won’t be as professor and student but as friend and colleague.

Thank you, student heroes, for sharing your journeys

Shaking his hand one last time within our old relationship filled me with gratitude, joy, and sadness all at the same time.

I am grateful to this young man and to all the other student heroes I have had the good fortune to teach. I am so very gifted that they trusted me enough to share their stories, to share their backgrounds and the hardships that they have overcome to become even better than the already amazing people they were when they entered the part of their lives where we met.
I am grateful for all that I learned from them about resilience, and goodness, and personal growth, and positivity in the face of great challenges of many kinds. I am also grateful for the many times that many of them came to my classroom to help teach lower-year students crucial skills like networking, professionalism, minute-taking, grit, positivity, and gratitude.

And I am full of sadness to see them leave the hallways of our college. I am sad that I won’t see them as often as I do. Maybe I feel that same sort of sadness that my own parents felt when I left home to begin my own life’s journey without them.

So I say thank you to all of you, my student heroes. I thank you and I will miss you. And I am damned proud of you all. Thank you for making my life better and reminding me that I have the best damned job in the world.

Thank you, Jess Larche, Kimberley Falk, Kirk Smallridge, Sadie Eves, Tyler Payne, Nadia ter Stege, Fábio Ribeiro, and all my other student heroes. You are truly amazing.

Thank you.

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