Who the heck is Frank Armstrong?

Frank Armstrong, born Frank Hunter Armstrong, is a Kingston-based freelance writer, editor and media trainer who is learning to be a business communications instructor at St. Lawrence College. A life-long learner, Frank is in his fifth year as a partial load professor.

A passionate teacher who loves finding new ways to engage and electrify his students, Frank is constantly trying to help good people who are interested in helping themselves. Frank loves his students and finds there’s no better manna than helping a deserving student to succeed.

To find out more about Frank, visit his professional website at http://www.wordstrong.ca or his personal site at http://www.frankarmstrong.ca, which seriously needs updating.

This blog was an alternative assignment Frank developed for his partial completion of the fall 2010 St. Lawrence College (Kingston) Instructional Delivery course.


7 Responses to Who the heck is Frank Armstrong?

  1. Ahmad Salman says:

    Hey Frank,

    Good to see your site, I loved the piece on one on one interviewing, when I started teaching at St Lawrence College in 2009, this is what I did with two sections of the OB class I was teaching, and it really brought depth to the over all experience.

    Good work, keep it up

    Ahmad Salman

    • Salman! It’s great to hear from you! Yes, I recall your interviewing exercise. It may have provided some of my inspiration for my planned endeavor. Logistics and time will definitely be the biggest challenge here. Please let me know what you are up to. I am sure you are inspiring many students with your passion for innovative teaching. I miss our always inspiring chats.

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