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The anguish and the ecstasy

Without doubt, the college blogging assignment has always been one of my favourites. The act of writing in a public forum, where anyone anywhere in the world could read their prose, seems to compel students to do their best work. … Continue reading

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Proceed with caution.

Originally posted on hillariejane:
Blogging stresses me out, and knowing that the audience for my blog posts can be seen globally is stressful to me. I have never written for myself, or anyone other than my teachers; and now having…

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A questionable start

Originally posted on Justine Gilholm:
Do you have the urge to listen to an anti-social 18 year old ramble on about random issues for the sole purpose of entertaining a select few on the internet? Look no further, you’ve come to…

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Never thought I’d be here.

Originally posted on Brianne Garrah:
? I guess this makes me a blogger! Get this image here. I’ve hardly ever thought about myself as a writer. I’d usually groan and complain about having to write essays, never really feeling inspired…

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God bless autocorrect

Originally posted on Wake up Maggie:
? Ever mess up a word so bad auto correct can’t even figure it out? Welcome to my life. Spelling is my greatest weakness; I’m horrible at it. Maybe it’s because I have become so reliant on auto correct to fix my mistakes or the fact I’ve always been like this, either way, the struggle is real. I love the ability to put your thoughts into words, getting deeper into the idea you create by writing it out. I consider myself very creative, and once I have an idea; I find it easy to make it flourish. The problem I face, that I mention previously was my spelling if it were not for auto correct all the papers, emails, and texts I write wouldn’t make sense. I have a bad habit of trying to edit my own papers, when I do this, I miss all my errors. There were many times in the first semester, I would have gotten a better mark if only I had someone other than myself edit it. Other than writing for school, I write my own lyrics for myself. When I write lyrics, it is usually based on my life, it is very therapeutic. I enjoy finishing a song or a paper and getting to read over my work, knowing I have done well makes it even sweeter. I don’t have much experience as a writer, but I am excited at the idea of writing my blog. Having the opportunity to write to the public is very intimidating. I can only hope to grow as a writer and build the skills to have a successful blog. If my blog reaches other people than my teachers, it would give me more confidence in my capabilities. Furthermore, to the future employers reading this…hire me. I may be flawed in some of my writing capabilities, but I make up for it with creative ideas. What I’m learning in Franks class will hopefully help me develop the ability to be successful in my future advertising career. I look forward to the forthcoming possibility of become a write, wish me luck. Cheers, Wake Up Maggie

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Prepared for an Image?

Originally posted on Liam Chesebrough:
I am. I’m the type of person that’s changing all the time, switching things up to see if they work. I’m not afraid of change, I prefer it! The idea of writing a blog seems…

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Reflection: Having an Identity

Originally posted on Connected:
Want to be successful? As a young writer, having an identity from experiences are how I become more successful at writing. Identifying my own strengths and weaknesses are key in keeping myself motivated to improve. The personality…

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To blog or not to blog…

Originally posted on Kelly Keates:
I am no stranger to blogging, having dabbled on LiveJournal eons ago (which lasted all of five minutes before I grew bored of my own adolescent ramblings) and currently being in possession of a Tumblr…

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From a future writer

Originally posted on Words in the world:
Hi everyone. Today I am going to express my feelings and thoughts towards writing and the challenges I face but hope to overcome. As a graduated hairstylist, I have not spent much time…

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Now you too can embed images in your blog

A blog isn’t a blog without images. Readers like to look at pictures and they can even boost your searchability through Google, so your blog should have at least one image. Indeed, your mark on your blog assignment will go … Continue reading

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