Never thought I’d be here.

I love this blog entry. One gets a sense of the writer’s personality, images have been cleanly embedded in the text (and they’ve been sourced), and my rubric has been followed. And, of course, the writing is clean. This will likely be an entry for the Greg Award Blogger of the Year. Students, if you want to know how to rock your blog assignment, check out Brianne’s blog.

Brianne Garrah

I guess this makes me a blogger!

screen-shot-2017-01-19-at-2-40-50-pmGet this image here.

I’ve hardly ever thought about myself as a writer. I’d usually groan and complain about having to write essays, never really feeling inspired to write. Yet somehow here I am – blogging for the entire world to hear my thoughts.

Now of course, I was encouraged to start blogging by my professors – they’re pretty much the ‘know all’ for what can lead us to success – and having a blog is really a great tool to use professionally. Some of the past AMC students have found success and gotten job offers because of their blogs!

Although, the thought of this post being on not only a public forum but one that can reach a global audience, is a little stressful, I am definitely up for the task. I feel that knowing everyone and their grandmother can see this adds some…

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