Marketing Blogger of the Year

This one is a toughie.

My second-year marketing communications students have spent the last six weeks blogging weekly about the subjects of their marketing research projects. While I hung the weekly topics of the assignment on students’ research reports, the main purpose of blogging weekly was to get them to regularly practise the essentials of business writing.

Because students will need every bit of fodder they can get for their resumes when they graduate, I take every opportunity to give them accolades that they can stick under their belts. For these marketing students, I’ve created the Blogger of the Year Award.

So… At the moment, I am struggling to decide who should win 2014 Marketing Blogger of the Year.

I have four faves:

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 1.18.49 PMDaniel Beals is a mature student who has pristine prose and writes with depth and intelligence. Daniel served as the NDP candidate for Kingston and the Islands in the 2011 federal elections. He plans to extend his blogging into the political sphere once the assignment that sparked his weekly posts ends. If you read his thoughtful entries, you’ll see that he can write convincingly. I’d like to see this man give a speech. When he campaigns again, I will make sure that I do! Daniel wrote about Canada Post.

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 1.19.02 PMJohn Sullivan also demonstrated spotless writing—or nearly so. But he also showed a clever sense of humour while addressing all of the requirements of our weekly blogging checklists. Each one of these requirements helped to enforce the essentials of basic, good business writing. John was also careful to make sure his links always opened a new page, so readers of his blog would not be taken away from his page. John wrote about Kellogg’s.

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 1.18.20 PMDuring most of the six weeks of the assignment, Ashley Kitts took to blogging like a fish to water. She wrote with flair and obvious curiosity for her topics, but she also demonstrated some solid critical thinking by backing up her thoughts and opinions with decent examples and links to her evidence. Ashley also showed a delightful sense of humour at times and I always looked forward to reading her blog posts. Like John, Ashley wrote about Kellogg’s.

Blog 6 part 1 (2)Last but not least was Kayla Coleman, who blogged about Subway restaurants. Kayla wrote with colour and intelligence and care. Her writing was fairly clean and she used solid evidence to back up her claims. She also sourced all of her evidence. Kayla paid attention to the checklist and stuck to the assigned topic of each week, which included subjects such as product history, ethics, and cultural issues impacting the business or product studied in her marketing research report.

So who did I choose?

I didn’t choose the writer with the cleanest writing. Although the winner’s was pretty clean and demonstrated an obvious effort at proofreading. I didn’t choose the blogger who earned the highest mark for satisfying all the requirements of the checklist every week. Although this writer obviously did well at addressing the checklist.

I chose Kayla Coleman’s blog because her blogs were always written with more than a touch of passion and curiosity. Her blogs always “looked” good. She used images and clean links right from Week One. And she displayed critical thinking and thoughtfulness every time.

If there was one weakness in Kayla’s blog, it was that there was some sort of technological flaw in its programming (not her fault). Indeed, each week, I would get only once chance to review her blog before it would suddenly—poof!—self-destruct like a secret agent’s assignment in the Mission Impossible movies.

Indeed, her last post (one of my Kayla favourites) has disappeared from her blogsite and I was able to read it only because Kayla took a screenshot of it. I wish you could see it. It’s about a sustainability issue that Subway should consider or it will risk getting tromped by its competition.

Anyhow, congratulations, Kayla Coleman. And congratulations to John and Ashley and Daniel for six weeks of fine work.

Congratulations to all the other bloggers who made my Top Blogger of the Week list at least once.

And congratulations to everyone who made a real effort at the assignment and probably learned a thing or two about business writing along the way.


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2 Responses to Marketing Blogger of the Year

  1. Loved reading through your teaching journey.

  2. Thank you, Corinne. I’m afraid I haven’t done anything here for a while. This blog is something I contribute to alongside my Marketing, Advertising, and Integrated Marketing Communications students during a blogging assignment they do for me. Blogging is no longer part of either of the two courses I taught to these students. I suppose I should start again just for my own reflective purposes. Thank you again for your kind comment.

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