“I am exhausted.”

Look up. See my headline.

That’s a quote from me. Yup. Yours truly. And it’s official. Despite four days off for Reading Week, I am still completely knackered.

Just one more day of rest! That’s all I need, I tell myself. But it’s not going to come. I have lessons to plan, assignments to mark, and emails to write to students who are at risk of failing.

So forgive me for a lack of preamble this week as I introduce my favourite blogs from last week, first from my second-year Advertising Marketing Communications students and then from my second-year Marketing students:

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 3.32.13 PMAMC student Kevin Perkin writes about the challenge of reaching an organization’s publics in the evolving world of a weakened news media and strengthening social media influence. Kevin’s class had a visit from City of Kingston communications officer Sarah Withrow who shared today’s challenges for municipal government public relations teams.

Fab AMC writer Sarah Deacon also shares what she learned from Sarah Withrow. Sarah Deacon learned about the importance of learning to spread one’s messages through emerging mediums and how crisis (e.g. an ice storm) can help reach one’s audiences in ways that traditional media cannot.

AMC student Sarah Durrant shares Sarah Withrow’s thoughts on the challenges of crafting diverse messages for diverse audiences through diverse mediums. Read all about it here.

Marketing student Mitch Pfenning is researching the marijuana market for his marketing research project. In his latest blog, he writes about how culture affects the industry.

Marketing student Tyler Hickman is conducting research into the feasibility of a pet crematorium in the Kingston area. In his latest post, Tyler suggests that social acceptance of pet crematoriums is at an “all-time high” and he anticipates that global demand for such services can only rise.

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 3.40.10 PMMarketing student Kali Gieben writes about how North America’s culture impacts demand for kids’ “lunchables” meals. Find out how by clicking this link.

Marketing student Emily Culhane ponders whether our go, go go culture is leading to the demise of some of Canada’s more famous companies and cultural icons.

Marketing student Kayla Coleman examines the power of colour and wonders if the company she is researching, Subway restaurants, should consider changing the colours of its signage depending on the country where it is doing business.



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