The magic of the interconnectedness of learning

I am continually astounded by the interconnectedness of all things in life.

Nowhere is this more prevalent than in my learning process. To illustrate this I’ll explain what I’ve been doing over the Christmas holidays. I’ve been completely reinventing a new writing course I developed last year for second-year marketing students even though I received my highest student evaluations ever for it.


I drew this learning interconnectedness chart in Paper 55 on my iPad. Learning this tool is another example of the interconnectedness of my learning process.

Indeed, I was amazed that students liked the course so much because I wasn’t happy with it. I felt it could be a much better learning experience, so I’m revamping it to dovetail with a marketing research course (all work will be connected to student success in the research course). This is where the interconnectedness of my learning experience comes in.

I’ve spent most of my Christmas holidays doing three things: crafting a media relations plan for a new project at my college, updating my overall knowledge of public relations to prepare for a PR course I’m about to teach for the first time, and revamping the Writing for Marketing course. All three projects have required significant research.

As a long-time journalist and freelance corporate communications writer, I’ve often been involved in many aspects of media relations and PR initiatives, but I’ve never been the sole architect of an entire plan. This has meant that I had to learn how to develop a media relations plan for the college project. The first interconnection occurs here. When I teach the PR course to second-year Advertising students, they’ll be required to write a public relations plan. Media relations and public relations plans share some striking similarities. Therefore, I’ll be able to use what I learned from writing the media plan when I guide my Advertising students through the process of crafting their own public relations plans.

At the same time, while researching elements of the Writing for Marketing course, I realized there are components that can be utilized in the PR course. One example is the marketing research proposal. The basics of writing this pitch to a potential client could also be utilized in writing a PR proposal.

Another interconnection occurred this morning while I was reading an article online as part of research for the PR course. It gave me some fantastic ideas about how to use blogs and other social media to kick off an effective PR campaign. I’ll definitely utilize these tips in my course but also in the media relations plan for the college project.

I could cite many more examples of the interconnectedness of the knowledge I’m gaining as the winter semester approaches, but I’ll leave those for another day as I continue to write about my reflections on learning as a teacher.

Happy near year, everyone. And happy learning.


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Business communications instructor, journalist, corporate communications writer and media trainer ... and Masters Candidate M.Ad.Ed.
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