Into the great wide open

Anyone who has taught at college for a few years will tell you that every group of students is completely different from all the ones before.

It never ceases to amaze me how each year all the different personalities in a classroom interact to metamorphose into a unique dynamic.

I love teaching!

I love teaching!

This year will be no exception and I am thrilled to learn what it will be, particularly because of a Week One icebreaker I did in which I asked students to describe their superpower.

Most years, the descriptions are dominated by proclamations of mostly technical abilities such as video editing, sales prowess, graphic design experience, and photographic competence.

This year, there were plenty of these hard skill claims, but they weren’t the most common. This time around, it was the following superpowers that were repeated by students in both sections at least a dozen times:

“Tenacity.” “Focus.” “Drive.”

Wow. Isn’t this is college, where students simply have to earn a high school certificate to gain admittance and then it’s first come first serve?

Indeed, most years, there are often many people in my classes who seem less than career-focused.

But I have a feeling this year will be different.

A large portion of our first-years are mature students who have been out of school for a year or two.

There are students who are paying for their own educations and who took a year or two off to earn enough money to pay for their education.

Others admit to having partied too hard while at college previously but who are now intent on making their time in college count. Others have come from faraway continents, such as Turkey and Japan and Sweden, to study and are stoked to learn in a new country. Many others are university graduates or former university students who are looking for a more practical education.

I always arrive early for class, but this year there are always a few students there before me. This has rarely happened in the Advertising program in the past. At the same time, attendance has been almost perfect in one class and flawless in the other. That is also rare.

Yup. Wow.

So you can see why I’m stoked about this semester.

For a teacher, there is nothing more exhilarating than teaching a roomful of students who are engaged and excited to learn.

Will they stay that way? Of course I’ll keep you posted.


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