And the top blogger is…

Winning a writing award sure looks good on a college graduate’s resume.

That’s why I created a business blogging award last year for my first-year advertising students and presented it at their program’s prestigious annual Greg Awards gala.

Students are reaching a pedagogical summit through their blogs (from PowerPoint ClipArt)

Students are reaching a pedagogical summit through their blogs (from PowerPoint ClipArt)

The Greg Awards is a swanky affair celebrating students’ top achievements in courses such as video work, print advertising, and social media.

As far as I know, the St. Lawrence College marketing program doesn’t have a Greg Awards equivalent. So I’ll announce the top blogger in second-year marketing right here on my TeachingTeacher blog. But before I do, let me emphasize that winning the Top Blogger Award is no small feat.

The winner must have adhered to fundamental business formatting principals; become somewhat proficient with the basics of the WordPress blogging platform; worked hard to consistently demonstrate clean, concise, and powerful writing; and used clearly cited evidence to back up claims.

The winner of this distinction grew enormously as a writer and blogger in the seven weeks of the assignment, taking feedback from me and classmates each week and using it to build a cleaner, crisper, punchier blog that demonstrated huge improvements weekly. This blogger learned to effectively use and frame quotations, to create slick-looking hyperlinks and to back up claims with clearly cited evidence.

This blogger demonstrated enthusiasm, strictly adhered to the provided business writing checklist and used the assignment to learn about the company where the blogger will soon begin a work placement.

This blogger showed a positive attitude throughout and gave the assignment his best each week.

Tyler Labelle says his writing improved hugely in the seven weeks of the assignment but warns me not to "get a big head"

Tyler Labelle says his writing improved hugely in the seven weeks of the assignment but warns me not to “get a big head”

That blogger is…………….Tyler Labelle.

Congratulations, Tyler. You earned Top Marketing Blogger of 2013. Don’t forget to put that accolade on your resume. Don’t be shy about showing off your blog to potential employers. And keep on blogging.

While Tyler is the top blogger from the class, most students at some time hit my weekly Top 5 Blogger list. To view some of their work, go back and visit one of my previous posts or click their links below in this list of the bloggers and their subjects:

  • Marissa Burley blogged about rural tourism and actually found her placement as a result of blogging about her interests. Marissa wrote with clarity and concision. 
  • Deb Hall blogged about her passion and interest in working at the Community Foundation for Kingston and Area.
  • Megan Healy blogged about the Brockville and Area YMCA where she will soon begin her placement. This blogger is one heck of a no-nonsense concise writer.
  • Connor Holway catalogued his struggle to find a placement, which he did at the K-Rock Centre. Connor has a wonderfully dry sense of humour.
  • Areum Jeon investigated the Royal Bank of Canada, where she will do her placement. There’s some decent reflection here.
  • Ron Johnston, who was at first skeptical about the value of learning blogging in a marketing program, wrote about the food industry and, finally, about karma. Thanks for being so candid, Ron.
  • Stef Lelenka wrote about her interest in analytical marketing and the company where she hopes to eventually work. Stef is worth checking out, particularly for her creative use of the WordPress dashboard tools.
  • In her last post, Ashley reflects on the past semester

    In her last post, Ashley reflects on the past semester

    Ashley Letourneau, a national-class martial artist, wrote punchy prose about the mixed martial arts industry and Hayabusa Fightwear, where she will do her placement.

  • Keui-Lin Lin used her blog to learn about recruitment of international students at the St. Lawrence College international office and to begin plotting out a plan to recruit Taiwanese students to the college. The college will be pleased her have her at work.
  • Haojun Liu wrote about Fulford Academy, an international boarding school where he will be conducting his placement. Go, Haojun, go.
  • Mitch Pfenning, a semi-pro golfer, blogged about Titleist, the golf product company where he will do his placement. These posts are skillfully written.
  • Cynthia Posadowski, also an avid golfer, blogged about the golfing industry and the Cataraqui Golf and Country Club, which is her placement organization. Cynthia writes concisely and clearly. I’d feel comfortable having her write my content any day.
  • Chang Sun practised the art of reflection and blogged about A.D. Sone Publishing where she will do her placement. This student is a deep thinker.
  • Craig Thrasher says his blog helped him get a placement and a full-time job

    Craig Thrasher says his blog helped him get a placement and a full-time job

    Craig Thrasher wrote about the automotive industry and he believes his blog was at least partly responsible for securing his placement and a full-time auto sales job. Craig is a meticulous worker and will put great care into whatever he does.

  • Devon Wiggins wrote about trends in the cell phone industry. This man loves his smart phones.
  • Ming Xue blogged about his journey to find a placement and his eventual placement choice at the college international office where he’ll use his expertise at using Chinese social media to attract students from Chinese-speaking countries. Ming has a distinct voice.
  • Harley Yeatman wrote about the video game industry and explored his keen interest in using “community” as an approach to marketing. Harley is a conscientious writer and will teach you a thing or two about the gaming industry.

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