The end is nigh…

We’re almost at the end of the Comm 57 blogging assignment and I look forward to it with mixed emotions.

It’s incredibly rewarding to see how much so many students have grown as writers in just a few weeks. At the same time, the assignment exhausts me. I am not exaggerating when I say that marking this assignment takes up an entire day of my weekend. So here I am on Saturday, March 16 reading student blogs, marking them, and then writing about them in my teaching blog.

You may think I’m crazy to give up a whole day of my weekend for seven straight weeks to mark student assignments. But, let me tell you, the gratification of seeing such big improvements in writing and mindfulness about writing is worth it.

I’m going to publish another post tomorrow about the value of blogging to learn business writing, so I’ll tell you about those improvements at that time. For now, let me get right into introducing my favourite posts of the week by second-year Communications Skills for Marketing students:

Ashley is fighting to write well and she's winning this week

Ashley is fighting to write well and she’s winning this week

1. The top blog without doubt this week was written by Ashley Letourneau, who is researching the combat gear industry after she landed a placement at Kingston’s Hayabusa Fightwear. This week, the national-class martial artist and marketing student writes about the history of boxing gloves. Ashley freely admits she struggles with writing mechanics; that’s why it’s all the more impressive to read her punchy and mostly pristine prose in this post.

2. Semi-pro golfer Mitch Pfenning hits the top five for the second time with his post on Titleist golf balls. Mitch’s passion for the company and the sport is obvious in this post.

3. Craig Thrasher will conduct his placement at a Mitsubishi dealership. He’s hoping to get into automobile sales, and all of his posts show that he loves cars and motor vehicles of all types. Craig writes with energy and he is articulate. Enjoy!

4. Stef Lelenka is keen to enter the field of analytical marketing. In this post, Stef explains why. She uses her word-processing tools creatively. Check out this blog, if only to witness Stef’s tongue-in-cheek creative penmanship.

Chang urges classmates to worry less about looking good and more about being open to learning

Chang urges classmates to worry less about looking good and more about being open to learning

5. Chang Sun is an international student, but you wouldn’t know from reading her clean, concise prose that English is her second language. Chang is also a thoughtful writer and it shows each and every week. This week, Chang reflects on the importance of asking questions while on placement.

So that’s the top 5. But there were several other great posts this week that you may want to check out.

For example, Devon Wiggins, who has a passion for smartphone technology wrote an interesting post that may teach you a few things about the differences in the technologies. Check out his post here.

Ming Xue teaches us in his latest post about three of the main social media tools used in China and he muses about his excitement to create a Youtube video for St. Lawrence College to attract Chinese-speaking international students. He’ll be doing that for our college international centre.

Marissa researches the organization where she will do her placement

Marissa researches the organization where she will do her placement

Marissa Burley writes about the organization where she’ll be doing her post, and Keui-Lin Lin writes about her plans to create a marketing plan for the college international office that will attempt to attract Taiwanese students to Kingston.

Lastly, let me introduce you to Chris Dodd, a late arrival to the blogging assignment. He’s hoping to complete a placement at the Kingston YMCA to incorporate his interest in fitness with marketing and he writes about this aspiration in his latest post. Good luck, Chris. We hope you are successful.

So that is this week’s list of Comm 57 blog stars. I hope you enjoyed reading at least some of them.

Please come back next week to read the final top 5 list.


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