Comm 57 bloggers dig into placement aspirations

This week’s Comm 57 Top 5 Bloggers list has two new strong entrants.

Lucid writer and automobile enthusiast Craig Thrasher breaks into the top 5 alongside Chang Sun, an international student at St. Lawrence College who shares some superb tips for preparing for an effective placement.

So, without further ado, please allow me to introduce Week 3’s top Comm 57 bloggers:

Craig Thrasher explains why he wants to work in auto sales

Craig Thrasher explains why he wants to work in auto sales

1. Craig Thrasher waxes eloquently about the reasons he hopes to complete his second-year marketing placement in automative sales. Craig shares his loves of cars and provides some helpful advice to potential automobile buyers.

2. In Lions and tigers and placement! Oh my!, Chang Sun shares some helpful tips she uncovered to help alleviate some of the fears she is feeling around placement. It sounds like Chang is a very mindful young woman. I look forward to reading more posts from her as she advances toward her placement position at A.D. Sone Publishing Inc.

Cynthia Posadowski explores how to golf in winter

Cynthia Posadowski explores how to golf in winter

3. Hitting the top 5 list again is Cynthia Posadowski with her no-nonsense writing style. Other bloggers who are looking to score full marks for adhering to the Comm 57 checklist could do far worse than to use Cynthia’s solid posts on the local golf industry as a model for their own. Cynthia will be completing her second-year placement at Cataraqui Golf and Country Club. This week, she writes about golfing in winter.

4. If you’ve been reading the top 5 since Week 1, you’ll remember Megan Healy, a technically strong writer whose prose is clean and razor-sharp concise. Megan, a fitness enthusiast, will complete her placement at the Brockville and Area YMCA. This week, she explores the Y’s Strong Kids Campaign 2013.

Never a dull read: Tyler Labelle, boxer and beer lover

Never a dull read: Tyler Labelle, boxer and beer lover

5. Last—and definitely not least—comes Tyler Labelle. Tyler has made the top 5 each of the last three weeks. Tyler’s an amateur boxer and he’s obviously passionate about this sport. This week, he draws an analogy between his own struggles in the ring and the challenge Molson Coors faced during the NHL players lockout. Tyler’s punchy style always makes for an entertaining read.

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