Drum roll, please, for this week’s top five marketing blogs

Choosing my favourite student blog of the week is usually easy.

It’s the other four of the top five that can be difficult, especially the ones that fight for spots as fourth, fifth, and sixth. However, this week’s top bloggers were an easy pick.

While their writers are still a few marks away from earning perfect scores on our blogging checklists, all have done their best to follow the checklist requirements—including business document formatting rules, citation and evidence-use expectations, and social media and image usage—and their posts reflect this effort.

Indeed, each one of these blog posts has outstanding merits that have pushed it into the top five list for the Comm 57 blogging assignment:

The energy in Tyler's writing is infectious. Check it out.

The energy in Tyler’s writing is infectious. Check it out.

1. Tyler Labelle hits the top five list for the second week in a row. Tyler is obviously excited about his coming placement at Molson Coors and it shows. Besides following our basic blogging rules, Tyler’s writing is punchy and energized—fitting for a boxer. He also cites the sources of his information and images and makes a real effort to open and close with a punch (no pun intended).

2. Kuei-Lin Lin is a non-native English speaker who makes the top five list for the first time. Hailing from Taiwan, Kuei-Lin (aka “Gwen”) demonstrates her thoughtful nature through her second blog, “It is a blessing in disguise.” In this intriguing post, Kuei-Lin describes how failing to obtain her first placement choice is actually a silver lining that will better fit her introverted nature. Kuei-Lin also effectively uses hyperlinks.

3. Areum Jeon is from South Korea, so English is her second language, but you wouldn’t know it from her writing. Areum works hard to make sure her writing is as clean as she can get it and it shows. I love how she opens her post with a colourful quote. Her conclusion demonstrates her energetic nature and she backs up all of her claims with hyperlinks to her sources.

Cynthia skillfully uses links to source her evidence

Cynthia skillfully uses links to source her evidence

4. Cynthia Posadowski shows clean and crisp writing in “My industry,” her first post about the golf club industry. Cynthia will be completing her placement at Cataraqui Golf and Country Club, so she will be writing about it and its place in industry. Cynthia skillfully uses hyperlinks to take readers to the sources she uses to back up her claims. Her post is also aesthetically pleasing. Cynthia appears to have a good eye for colour use.

5. Video game fanatic Harley Yeatman makes the top five list again, this time with his post about the competition that free-to-play video games are providing for traditional retail video games. Thanks for sharing, Harley. I learned something new today from you.

Please visit these blogs, leave comments, “Like” them, and share them through social media. It will mean a lot to these students.

And you might just learn something.


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