Harley Yeatman tells us about the competition that traditional video game makers face from the free-to-play model. I love video games, but this phenomenon was news to me. Thanks for sharing, Harley.

Harley Yeatman

Here is a common dilemma in a consumer buying process for video games.

I can go to a retail game store, my app store on my phone or a digital game service like Steam and pay $10 to $60 for a new game


I can download a free-to-play game and spend money on in-game services whenever I want to.

Most traditional video games are offered for a one-time purchase and any money between the business and the consumer ends. Afterward, the business develops the next video game for the consumer to buy and repeats the process again. The consumer has to invest money into a product every time for a something new.

Free-to-play games let consumers play a video game for free. In exchange, players can choose to buy in-game goods or services to expand on experience in their free game. As time goes on, the business can decide to new…

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