Meet Week One’s top five Comm 57 bloggers


We have some incredible writers in our Communication Skills for Marketers class as evidenced by some of the first articles of the Comm 57 blogging assignment.

In this first post, students have introduced themselves and their placement or industry aspirations. In the next six posts, they will explore the industry in which they will, or hope to, complete their second-year placement.

If you take the time to review the following blogs (follow the links), you’ll see there are a few spelling errors and typos here and there. But you’ll also notice some powerful writing, some serious creative flair, and some impressive imagery, layout, and formatting efforts.

The second-year Business Administration – Marketing students who made the top 5 list in Week One of this assignment weren’t necessarily picked for their technical writing skills or for having the top marks on the assignment. Indeed, some lost big marks for spelling errors and typos. However, these folks were picked for another important reason: their obvious effort to adhere to the assignment’s checklist—which resulted in a compelling read and an often sharp-looking document—and then their effort to go above and beyond the checklist.

This assignment is about helping students to work on becoming better writers and document designers and to improve their critical thinking and writing skills. And that’s what these students have done. They’ve worked hard and thoughtfully and the proof is in their posts.

So here they are—my five favourite Comm 57 blogs from Week One:

Meet Ashley the fighter

Meet Ashley the fighter

1. Ashley Letourneau introduces herself: a top-notch, lifelong competitive martial artist who, at 107 pounds, has broken her nose nine times—seven times in the ring—and yearns to work in martial arts marketing. This is a compelling read from start to finish.

2. Megan Healy—a technically clean, concise writer—has a strong interest in fitness and will be fulfilling  her placement at the Brockville and Area YMCA. Expect some interesting and very readable posts from this new blogger.

Meet tourism marketing buff Marissa Burley

Meet tourism marketing buff Marissa Burley

3. Prince Edward County native Marissa Burley has a keen interest in tourism marketing and will be writing about tourism marketing while she seeks to find a spring placement for herself. Marissa has developed a distinct writer’s voice. Enjoy.

4. Harley Yeatman is a video game fanatic, so the industry in which he hopes to work once he graduates is no surprise. If you follow Harley’s blog over the next six weeks, you may learn some interesting stuff about video game marketing.

Meet amateur boxer and beer afficionado Tyler Labelle

Meet amateur boxer and beer afficionado Tyler Labelle

5. Like Ashley, Tyler Labelle is a competitive fighter. An amateur boxer, Tyler is a passionate beer buff and he is excited that he’ll be doing his placement at Molson. Tyler’s energy—and perhaps his boxing style as well—comes out in his punchy, energetic prose. Check out Tyler Labelle. 

Please visit these students’ blogs by clicking on the links on their names. Comment on their posts. “Like” them and follow them if you enjoy their work.

Next week, I’ll introduce you to Week Two’s top five. There are almost 30 bloggers in the class. I hope that you will meet them all.

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2 Responses to Meet Week One’s top five Comm 57 bloggers

  1. Pam Bovey Armstrong says:

    Thrilled to see your blogs @marketingyr2. Congratulations to the top five this week. This is a huge feather for your cap.

  2. For sure, Pam. There’s some really decent writing here. Judging by experience with the Advertising students, I expect it will only get better over the next six weeks. There are several other students who will soon make the top five list.

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