The trepidation of experimenting with new students

In a few minutes, I will start marking the first blogs written by my second-year marketing students.

I'm praying this blogging assignment will be as successful as the last one

I’m praying this blogging assignment will be as successful as the last one

This is the first time I’ve taught anyone but first-year students and I’ve never taught in the Business Administration – Marketing program, so I’m nervous. Will this assignment achieve its purposes and help my Communication Skills for Marketers students become better writers? Will it enforce critical thinking and reflection? Will it grow their knowledge of the industry in which they’ll complete their placement?

For this blogging assignment, students must write about the industry in which they will do—or hope to do—their placement. In the first week, they will have written about who they are and where they hope to do—or are doing—their placement. For the remaining six weeks, they’ll write about their placement organization and its industry. My hope is that, under my critical editor’s eye, they will become better writers and formatters and will arrive on the doorstep of their placement company armed with a thorough knowledge of that industry.

We’ve done the foundational work for this. We spent a week reviewing effective business document formatting and business writing basics. We had a lesson on writing with impact by providing examples and evidence—and citing that evidence—when making claims or stating opinions. And we spent a full two-hour class discussing the assignment and blogging 101 guidelines.

They will succeed if they use the checklist

They will succeed if they use the checklist

If students take to this assignment and follow the checklist I’ve provided, this will be a fantastic learning experience for them—as my Advertising students proved last semester.

But will they take to the assignment? Will they like it? Will they use the checklist? Will they learn?

I’ll be posting the best blogs on this site every week. I hope you enjoy them just as much as many of you did the first-year Advertising blogs. Share them, “like” them, and comment on them.

Stay tuned for the first of the best work by the St. Lawrence College Comm 57 bloggers.

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