The Marketing Man would not be pleased

Brook Johnston would not be impressed.

Before I teach my first-year Advertising students how to blog each year, I introduce them to Brook, a brilliant young writer and former Advertising student of mine who parlayed his college marketing blog into a popular—and sometimes influential—publication on the Internet.

Brook Johnston is a copywriter for FUSE Marketing Group

Brook Johnston is a copywriter for FUSE Marketing Group

Brook’s blog, which generally critiques advertising campaigns around the world, has featured interviews with some of Canada’s top marketing gurus and it helped Brook get his first job as a copywriter at FUSE Marketing Group, a smoking hot Toronto creative agency.

Indeed, Brook’s blog has featured interviews with Mitch Joel and Sally Hogshead and has resulted in requests by organizations as big as the Canadian Marketing Association to blog for them.

We Skype Brook into the classroom every September to tell his blogging story, to inspire students about the benefits of blogging, and to give students some key pieces of advice. One of Brook’s top blogging rules is to be consistent: blog at least every week and don’t let up—ever.

That’s why Brook would not be impressed with me. And this is where I make my confession: My last real post was Dec. 21, 2012. That’s almost a month ago. And that’s definitely not consistent because, previously, I was posting weekly.

I ran into a bunch of last semester’s Advertising students in the cafeteria at St. Lawrence College this week. Two of them told me they plan to continue blogging but confessed they had taken a break over Christmas. They looked at me apologetically—until I told them that I had also taken a break and planned to also soon return to TeachingTeacher.

So here it is: Blog #1 of 2013. The next one will come very soon. I’m facing one of the biggest challenges of my recent teaching career and it’s causing me a lot of anxiety.

Like all my teaching challenges, I will share it with you.

In my next post, I’ll tell you all about it.


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