Brianna Visser describes how you can get someone else to pay your mortgage. All you have to do is allow your house to become a residential billboard.

Brianna Visser

What if I told you that someone would pay your mortgage for next month? And the next? And all of them after that for a year? And on top of that, they would paint your house for free?

There’s only one condition. You wouldn’t get to pick the colour of your house though. Doesn’t sound too terrible right? Except that it would essentially be a billboard ad on your house.

Brainiacs from Mars is a marketing company that have seen the issues that the recession has caused and have decided to do something about it in an innovative way. In the last few years, many have lost their homes due to debt, financial strain, and job loss.
Brainiacs from Mars are offering to pay people’s mortgage for up to a year if they can paint an ad on their house. If the homeowner decides to opt out before that year…

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