Watch what you Tweet, warns Sam Buskard.


The new but not so new social media phenomenon Twitter has recently been all the buzz. So out of pure curiosity I decided to check it out. So now it has a new member! Me.

Since I am in a program that has lots of need for social media this just seemed like a good idea. All of the teachers keep telling me that I have to be able to explore all social media networks, and see how they work. Still being new to twitter all my spare time has gone to exploring different  accounts  or stalking,  whichever sounds better.

Recently the American election had huge media attention. President Obama used Twitter to address the nation, he tweeted a picture of  an embrace of relief with the first lady. Tons of celebrities and athletes have used  twitter to promote themselves.  Some of the advantages of Twitter can be the  exposure it can get you, the…

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