Jamie Chiarello uses his delightful humour to write about how Wikipedia is killing the encyclopedia.

Jamming With Jamie

The Internet is an amazing tool for both entertainment and research, but it is making one industry obsolete: the encyclopedia industry.  One website in particular is to blame for this, and that site is the dreaded Wikipedia.

I remember when Wikipedia first came on the scene and the quality of its articles was laughable to say the least.  The articles are all user submitted, so many times, you would get articles with complete inaccuracies like this:

In Frank Armstrong’s class this week, we discussed whether or not Wikipedia in its current form is a reliable research source.  What was shocking to me was that he showed us an article displaying that Wikipedia as accurate as Encyclopædia Britannica.  I am still skeptical though, because I know that Skeletor is still out there, waiting for me to let my guard down.  Then, when I least expect it, he will add Superman…

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