Brianna Visser explores how buyer reviews have impacted how we choose the products we purchase.

Brianna Visser

Buyer reviews on products have ruined our ability to form our own purchasing opinions.

Buying behavior has changed drastically in the past couple decades. Before reviews, all you asked yourself when buying a product was:

  • Do I like it?
  • Do I need it?
  • Can I pay for it?

Now, we’ve added a whole new set of questions to the list:

  • What do other people think of this product?
  • Have other people had any problems with it?
  • Have other people found a better price?

And who are these “other people”? Strangers. We are trusting completely anonymous strangers to influence what we buy! We don’t know their taste or preference, yet we consider them a trustworthy source whose thoughts we should take into consideration. Why?

Almost all online shopping sites have a place to review their products. You can leave your thoughts on clothes at Forever 21, music on iTunes, and…

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