Emm Fawcett writes about why companies spend big bucks to develop “perfect packaging.”

Look in your garbage can and you will see a sea of packaging. To you this is just trash, but to companies all around the world that trash is their buried treasure.

This week in Kip Tuckwell’s class we discussed the purpose of packaging and why it is so incredibly important to the success of a product and its brand. Companies pay big bucks to attempt to develop the perfect packaging. Poor packaging could ultimately end in the demise of your product or brand altogether.

A good package should do four things: protect the product, market the product, provide convenience, and meet social concerns. It is also beneficial for a company’s product packaging to be unique and stand out on a store shelf cluttered with choices. Your packaging is how your customers identify your brand. It’s the platform for your logo.

Coca-Cola is an example of a company with…

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