In tighter economic times, retailers provide more discounts. But does this foster consumer habits to increasingly wait for these sales before making big purchases? Sarah Deacon says she does.

Sarah Deacon

Anyone would agree that they love when their favourite brands or companies send out coupons and hold sales events. Who doesn’t enjoy the idea of discounted stuff? If you’re going to be shopping there anyway, you might as well save some money while you’re at it.

Recently, in Kip Tuckwell’s Marketing class, we discussed how consumers are becoming more and more price-conscious when making purchasing decisions and are seeking better value for their money. In Kathy Patterson’s Integrated Marketing Communications class, we further discussed how companies utilize coupons to combat this trend and drive consumer purchasing.

Is this strategy actually stabilizing sales declines, or it driving sales further and further down the charts? Customers who recognize how frequent these incentives are becoming are starting to time their purchases around these scheduled sale dates. If they wait until items that they already plan to purchase go on sale, they…

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