Travis Stinson stumbles upon the world of the too-subtle advertorial, where advertisers write news-like stories that can often be confused for real news. This is a subject that is close to my journalistic heart. Thanks for bringing this subject to our attention, Travis.


Take a swig of the irony from this anecdote of mine.

So I’m hopping through Stumpleupon trying to find some interesting topics for my blog. I’m looking through advertising related material when I trip on a webpage that reads “sponsored” at the top. Then it hits me like a lamppost when my head’s down from texting.

This is exactly what I’ll write about!

The more attentive I get, the more I am fascinated with online advertisements and their sneaky ways. Here I was just stumbling along and had to do a double take to even notice that I was looking at a sponsored page.

Generally, people dislike ads and will do anything to avoid them. On the internet, that is becoming an increasingly difficult thing to do. Companies need to get noticed, and when people are finding ways of avoiding them, marketers try and stay one step ahead to be…

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