Jamie Chiarello ponders the effectiveness of Heinz’s ketchup packaging change strategy. While it may cause ketchup to flow faster out of bottles, will it also increase the flow of sales?

Jamming With Jamie

Food, glorious food.  I eat it, you eat it, we all eat it.  But when ketchup is involved, I’d rather starve to death.  For me, it’s because I despise the taste.  However, for others it’s the ungodly pain in the ass that comes from getting the ketchup out of the bottle.


Luckily, the people at Heinz have poured a lot of time and energy into coming up with a solution for serving the viscous “soquid” (it’s a solid AND a liquid):  The upside down plastic squeeze bottle.


In Kip Tuckwell’s class this week, we discussed the risks involved with changing a tried and true product to increase market share.  They most likely put a lot of testing into the creation of this bottle, but at the same time, I feel like they overlooked some very basic things.  Firstly the upside down nature of the bottle will cause the…

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