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Emily McCracken

Are the cafeteria workers really in danger.

The EatWave refrigerated vending machine was made with an inner microwave to heat up your food as you buy it. You can buy a burrito or maybe a quesadilla while you’re on the run.

I’m sorry but I think we should be a little concerned about this. Do you really want to buy meat from a vending machine? There has to be some sort of salmonella going on or maybe you’re really just eating refried beans. No one likes refried beans.

This whole idea seems a little shady to me. I don’t care how hungry I am, you will never see me in line to buy a pre-packaged, microwaved sandwich. How can the health inspector even pass this product. Does this vending machine have its “Food Handlers Course?”

EatWave Vending has gone astray on this product. They are appealing to the target of…

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