Craig Plaice examines the U.S. election campaigns and points out that the biggest advertising spender is not always the most successful.

Advertising & Marketing Madness

Much to the relief of many, the 2012 American presidential election is over.  This past Wednesday President Barack Obama was re-elected for a second term.


The Democratic and Republican parties have been engaged in an advertising war over the past year. Now one may think that the party who spends more on advertising would be more likely to come out on top in the election, however I read an article today that said this wasn’t the case in this year’s election.


Romney’s Republicans outspent the Democrats by nearly 100 million, however the two parties had very different approaches to the way they reached out to voters.


While Mitt Romney focused nearly his entire campaign on pushing economic issues to the entire population, Obama’s campaign was more focused on targeting specific demographics about different issues. The Democrats tailored their ads towards certain targets, and bought media accordingly. This…

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