Fuse mentor James Potts rocks. Emily Rose, one of his first-year mentees, explains why.


He’s got style. He’s got grace. He’s Miss. Mr. United States. Canada. Universe. He’s a winner.

Okay. He doesn’t have style or grace but he IS a fabulous Mentor.  For this week’s blog, I thought it was about time I dedicate an entry to my marvelous FUSE mentor.  Potts. Mr. James Potts. Or Mentor for short.

James is my faithful FUSE mentor, a mentoring program offered at St. Lawrence College.

Well, sometimes he tries to run away from us, but that is to be expected. Sometimes being such an outstanding mentor is hard. Sometimes you need to make your mentees work for your assistance. Keeps us on our toes.

That’s what he knows us as. Mentees. To him, we are young minds just waiting to be molded. He leads us down the path of success and fortune. Of victory. Because MY mentor is a winner.

He always is checking…

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