Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Student bloggers rock!

If you’ve been following my weekly top student blogger posts, you’ll recognize most of the writers in this week’s list.

New here, however, are Cassidy Langelaan and Jacob Croft. Please make them feel welcome by visiting their blogs and leaving a Like or a comment behind.

Jacob told me at the beginning of this assignment that he doesn’t see himself as a strong writer. Check out his playfully written post on Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilms and let him know if you agree with me that he has a wonderful way with words.

In no particular order, here’s the list of my favourite blogs—the best reads with clean writing that also adhered to our blogging checklist—this week by St. Lawrence College first-year Advertising students:

While learning about the creative ways companies promote their products, Jessica Findlay stumbled across this Coca-Cola viral video ad that will knock your socks off. Thanks for sharing, Jessica.

Jacob Croft ponders what he believes will be the impact of Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilms and reflects on what it means for the Star Wars franchise.

Is print media doomed? Emily Rose explores the threat posed by digital media.

Brianna Visser urges men and women alike to get involved in fundraising for prostate cancer research by participating in Movember.

Sarah Deacon explores the importance of using psychographics in marketing.

Emm Fawcett joins Emily Rose to lament the death of print media. Emm argues that print isn’t dead yet, but it’s on its way—slowly.

Cassidy Langelaan create a visually pleasing post on the “hairiest time of the year” and urges people to get involved in Movember, a fun way to raise money for cancer research.

Emily McCracken writes about a new twist on an old Christmas tradition: whiskey advent calendars.

Julia Nichols considers the risks related to celebrity endorsement by examining how cycling champ Lance Armstrong’s disgrace may have damaged his cancer charity.


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