Jacob Croft hits the Frank’s Faves list for the first time. Jacob has a playful way with words.


It looks like Mickey Mouse is Darth Vader’s master now. In recent news the multi-media corporation Disney has acquired another large successful media company; Lucasfilms. The $4.05 billion deal means that Disney has also acquired the legendary Star Wars franchise.

Star Wars nerds reunite! You can look forward to another feature film. Disney has announced that they are now prepping to release a Star Wars: Episode 7 in 2015. George Lucas has written story boards for episodes 7, 8, and 9, and will be a partner during the making of the film.

As for me, I’m super stoked for this release. So is Chewbacca; played by Peter Mahew who tweets “I’ve always liked that Mouse, and I’m looking forward to all the exciting possibilities this brings to the Star Wars Universe,”

On the contrary some people are displeased by this news; Family Guy Creator, Seth MacFarlane says “Looking forward to…

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