Craig Plaice reveals an interesting factoid: Hurricane Sandy hurt the ad industry big time. Learn more in his blog.

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Anyone who has followed the news, or a social media website in the last week knows all about the buzz surrounding Hurricane Sandy. The storm, which developed in the Caribbean Sea, ripped through many Caribbean islands before touching down in the United States. Much of the East Coast and Mid-Atlantic were affected, with many states declaring a state of emergency.

I recently read an article that stated that Hurricane Sandy will cost the ad industry 500 million in revenue. The headline of the article caught me by surprise. I knew the storm would cost millions in damages, but I couldn’t figure how it could be linked to a loss of ad revenue until I read further.

The lost revenue can mostly be attributed to a lack of commercial breaks during television and radio coverage of the storm as well as changes in the decision making of media buyers.

This really…

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