Emily McCracken writes about a new twist on the chocolate Christmas advent calendar.

Emily McCracken

Start every day of the week off right. One shot of whiskey will do the trick. Chocolate advent calendars are overrated, put on your big boy pants and toss back the liquid gold.

Every Christmas children around the world go out and buy their chocolate advent calendars. But I’m nineteen now, and I am not looking for a finger nail sized taste of chocolate. I want a drink.

Masters of Malt created the Whiskey Advent Calendar with students and young adults in mind. Now all college and university kids alike can start their day off with a healthy balanced breakfast of booze.

This product is a great representation of successful targeting. Young adults are always looking for a good time, which sometimes involves some liquid courage. Whiskey, although it is an acquired taste, is a regular in many student houses and red solo cups.

This calendar is available for $150.00…

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