Nick Moulder writes about the pervasiveness of personal information data mining used by marketers.


The electronic era has resulted in an information explosion that now allows for the storage and transfer of great amounts of business data in a short time. Reward cards and database technology systems track our every purchase. What has emerged is a concept called data mining. Video explanation below

Data mining is a useful technique to employ when developing and implementing a customer relationship program. Companies are analyzing our information all the time. The main reason being so that patterns within the information can be found; making it easier to market and advertise toward a certain target market.

Walmart is a company adept to data mining. Don’t be fooled by the folksy greeters; Walmart controls one of the largest data collection systems in the world, with the capability of tracking sales on a minute-by-minute basis. Such knowledge allows Walmart to customize each store’s offerings while keeping suppliers well informed on…

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