Uber blogger Sarah Deacon describes how marketers need psychographic information to effectively target consumers.

Sarah Deacon

The relationship between demographics and psychographics is similar to a book.

The demographic characteristics of a person can be grouped into categories based on similar facts about the individual. This is similar to how we group book covers by genre and title. However, if we open up each book, we will always find a different story inside. No two books reach the same ending through the exact same storyline. This demonstrates how psychographics provide more specific information about consumers than demographics alone.

Marketers shouldn’t assume that all people of a certain age or gender are influenced by the same things and, therefore, can be impacted in the same way. If you look at the psychographic breakdown of several people in the same age demographic, you find there are many different emotional and psychological factors influencing each person’s buying behaviour.

Earlier this week, my classmate Andrea Durfee and I described the…

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