Drum roll, please!

It’s never easy selecting the best blogs of the week.

That’s because I know that many students work incredibly hard, hoping that they’ve made the top list. After all, their blogs get promoted weekly on the Advertising program’s website (imcslc.ca) and the business school’s website (slcbiz.ca) as well as in my Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook feeds, which have well over 1,000 followers altogether.

At the same time, students who consistently produce top blogs will compete for a Greg Award, our program’s version of the Academy Awards.

Choosing the best blogs is also challenging because I don’t necessarily choose the ones that achieved the highest grades. The best ones I choose because they resonate with me. Sure, they have to satisfy some of the assignment checklist’s basic requirements, such as

  • clean writing and formatting,
  • use of examples to back up claims,
  • cited sources, and
  • social media and image integration.

However, the best blogs often go beyond satisfying the assignment’s checklist. Maybe their writers have demonstrated a powerful voice that makes me laugh or alerts me to a troubling ethical dilemma. Maybe they effectively teach us something in a creative way. Or maybe they use personal, real-world experiences to share a fascinating lesson they learned in class that week.

With no further ado, here are my favourites from this week:

Brianna Visser reveals the hold that free-gift merchandising has over her.

Sarah Deacon reveals the pros and cons of being targeted by direct mail marketers.

Emily McCracken contemplates the effectiveness of rapper Snoop Dog promoting a fast food snack.

Christian Allen is a new entry into the weekly top blog list. He thoroughly explores blogging versus vlogging.

Mercedes Mclean cracks into the top blogger list this week as she explores how Apple has actually become a fashion icon.

Top blogging newbie Jocelyn Stevens examines the power that slogans have in creating brand recognition.

Sarah Durrant curses the advertisers and marketers who are brainwashing her six-year-old.

Emm Fawcett encourages people to do their Christmas shopping this year—offline.

If you do visit these students’ blogs, please take the time to Like their posts or maybe even leave a comment or two.

You’ll make their day.


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