Travis Stinson writes about one of the most effective forms of advertising: the news release.


I’m discovering that advertisements can be quite the chameleons. Hiding right under the nose of readers who think they’re safe, can be a sneaky but effective method. This past week in Frank’s writing class, we learned about the value of a well-executed press release.

Virtually everyone has read a media release from a company. The difference is, whether you are aware of the subliminal advertising within the article or not. Some events or products are advertised more subtly than others, but many people may not consider that them as ads simply because they are in the form of a newspaper article.

When people are reading from a source/newspaper that they trust, they let their guard down and take it at face value. Now I’m putting a bit of a negative tone on press releases, and the truth is most of them are advertising for good causes. It is nothing…

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