Jocelyn Stevens explains why slogans are a powerful tool for building brand recognition.

Jocelyn Stevens



I’m lovin’ it


I’m sure most of you know exactly where I got “I’m lovin’ it” from; McDonald’s of course! I don’t even eat McDonald’s that often, but I know exactly what someone is talking about if they say, “I’m lovin’ it”. Why is that?

This week in Kip Tuckwell‘s class we discussed slogans and their purpose. Companies use slogans so that their consumers recognize said slogan with their company. In class, Kip just read out certain slogans without any other aid to help us guess which company he was talking about. Not only did we not need help figuring it out, but we knew which company he was talking about within a few seconds. 

Often times when I’m watching television, I will leave during commercials but am still able to hear the television when I’m outside of the room. Because of slogans, I am still able…

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