Sarah Deacon reflects on the power—and annoyances—of direct mail.

Sarah Deacon

Have you ever received any kind of direct mail, including flyers, coupons or special offers? Of course you have. We, as consumers, have become very familiar with receiving this kind of mail. So much so, that often we glance at a few pieces and then toss the rest aside.

You notice a catalogue on the top of the pile from your favourite clothing store. You know you signed up to receive that subscription, but what about all the other miscellaneous flyers and pamphlets in your hand? Where did they come from? If you don’t remember signing up for all the mail you’re receiving, then how did each company get your name and address on their mailing list in the first place?

Many companies use direct mail to communicate on an individual basis with their customers. When a company wants to expand their database, they can acquire your contact information by…

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