Christian Allen makes Frank’s Favourites list this week with his post on the difference between blogging and blogging.

The Allen Chronicles

Blogging versus Vlogging. Vlog literally means video blog and is a sort of blog for which the medium is video. Every week I have to write a blog for my communications class. However, this week I also have to do a vlog.

Now there are some pros and cons to doing a vlog. A few cons are:

–          It’s harder to edit your work after you’re finished. If you record a three minute video and realize you messed something up while filming you have to reshoot the whole thing.

–          It’s also much more time consuming. To make a half way decent blog you have

to put a lot of time into it.

But there are some pros to vlogging as well. A couple are:

–          Vlogging is much more personal. It’s hard to have a personality in a blog, it’s much easier to be unique and have a personality…

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