What do teachers do behind closed doors?

What does this teacher do all weekend behind the closed door of his office?

If some teachers could see the pleasure I get sitting behind the closed door of my office in front of my computer much of the weekend, they might think that I am up to something unbecoming.

Oh, Gosh! Not that! I’m marking my Advertising students’ increasingly awesome weekly blog posts.

Most teachers immensely dislike marking at least some of the time, but this is one bit of marking that I absolutely love.


If you’ve been following my students’ blogs, you already know the answer:

  1. Students’ work noticeably improves each week and they are creating great work. They are displaying fewer errors, their formatting is becoming almost perfect, their confidence as writers is growing, and many are finding they have a powerful writer’s voice they did not know they had. Some are even realizing that, despite what people have told them, they are good writers.
  2. They’re discovering search engine optimization. They’re using tags. They’re learning that by linking to authoritative Web pages, they can grow their presence on Google. They’re also effectively incorporating images, videos, polls, and other tools into their blogs.
  3. And they’re just starting to demonstrate some critical thinking skills. For a wonderful example, check out Brianna Visser’s blog, where she articulately fights for the life of print advertising using clear examples to illustrate her argument.

Below is this week’s list of top seven blogs. Compelling writing almost convinced me to post more than 10 this week. That’s because several other students are on the cusp of creating top 10 work. I’m certain they will do so once they start proofreading a little more or remember to include a relevant visual or provide clear and more specific—and sourced—evidence to back up their arguments.

If these improvements are made, I am confident that, while you may see some of the same blogs reappearing week after week, you’ll soon see new ones from students who are finding a fresh interest in writing and a surprising talent for the art of blogging.


Stuart Roberts IS a living brand.

1. Stuart Roberts writes about his discovery that he is a living brand.

2. Brianna Visser believes that print advertising (albeit using digital media) has a future.

3. Emily Fawcett stumbles with the weight of her workload last week and uses the tools of time management to survive. Students, this is a must-read how-to.

4. Chelsea Davidson describes how online advertising is attracting men to the love of shopping.

Travis Stinson LOVES guns (advertising ones).

5. Travis Stinson describes the “guns of advertising,” including the rifle and shotgun strategies. Travis loves guns (advertising ones).

6. Caitlin Deroche shares her tips and tricks for surviving heavy workload weeks in college.

7. Jessica Findlay examines the future of mobile apps.

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