Cassidy Langelaan writes how even the stupidest advertising can sell, sell, sell.

Cassidy Langelaan's Thoughts

“Old Milwaukee, it just doesn’t get any better than this. I   mean sure, the moment my first child was born that was  pretty special, and ill never forget the time I saw the grand canyon. No you know what I take that back, those things are meaningless to me. It just doesn’t get any better than old Milwaukee.”

This is just one of the ridiculous scripts that Will Ferrell has said for the Old Milwaukee beer ads. These commercials first started as extremely low budget ads. Just last year one of them was put on during the Superbowl that ran only in Nebraska.

Recently, I read that the comedian has gone international—appearing in at least four ads now airing in Sweden, of all places. Ferrell was asked why he was involved in the quirky campaign and he replied with, “I just love a good, crappy beer”

Personally I think…

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