Brandon Elliott hits the teachingteacher reblog list for the first time. His post could use a touch more proofreading, yet Brandon writes a compelling article.

Sell this Space

When you talk about valuable items you probably think of gold,diamonds, or silver. What would you do if I told you that the most valuable thing to me is you? You probably think that I was about to ask you on a date or something. In reality I am not I just want money.

Right now for a company looking to advertise your personal life is like a goldmine. they want your interests, your hobbies, activities, and your demographic. in truth they want everything about you. This information allows the company to figure out exactly how to sell to you.

In Media and Culture, taught by Laura Kittner, today we learned about outbound media. Here we were discussing how social media like Facebook allows companies to expand their outbound media connections through you pressing the like button. this gets a company involved with your social group which shares the same interests as you…

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