Travis Stinson writes about guns and advertising, figurative guns, that is…


Guns are cool. My testosterone levels make it necessary for me to say this. And when guns are combined with another interest of mine, advertising, then things really start firing off.

Now I’m not talking about commercials for America’s favourite big-boy toy. I’m speaking in a learning sense, and what guns as an analogy can teach us about advertising.

This week in Kathy’s Integrated Marketing Communications class, we touched on the different strategies for media planning (i.e. deciding which media outlet is best for your advertisement). These are:

  • The Shotgun Strategy
  • The Rifle Strategy
  • Profile-Matching Strategy

The names themselves provide a great analogy for how each strategy is implemented. The shotgun strategy, for example, focuses on hitting multiple targets with one campaign; much like a shotgun shell’s spray.

In contrast, a rifle shoots straight at a single target. In this way the rifle strategy is used on a group…

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