Robin Saunders considers how he can apply to his own creative work what he’s learning about branding in his marketing strategies class.

Orange Chest

Orange Chest, derived from the bird, the physical lock box and the want for original content. I believe that it’s a solid brand name and idea. “We’ll keep your memories safe” is a tag line I’ve been thinking of using lately but how do I want to position my brand in today’s world? I have no idea.

We talked about it in our first segment of Kathy Patterson’s Integrated Marketing and Communications class; how Apple’s well known for innovation and Coke is known as the number one beverage. I know that I’ve already established a solid following in the paintball community but how do I want us to be known as?

I could go in the intensity direction, creating a reputation for high adrenaline shots but as you’ll see in the near future, I don’t always want to go down that route. I could go for an abstract style but…

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