Drum roll, please!

Due to an overwhelming number of requests for the top blogs from Week 3, I’ve listed them below.

Enjoy! And please do comment. The students would value your feedback and would be delighted to know others are reading their posts.

Stuart Roberts’ blog on the K-Rock name

1. What’s in a name? Stuart Roberts blogs about the economic impact of the K-Rock Centre’s name.

2. Being a shy person in the advertising business is definitely a challenge. Caitlin DeRoche writes about the key to effective presentations.

3. Sarah Deacon writes about the power of networking as told to her by last week’s Writing for Marketing class career panel.

4. What’s the key to pursuing career success in college? Abigail Roberts explains what grads at our recent career panel told students in her blog.

Jessica Findlay writes about how one grad inspired her.

5. There’s nothing like being inspired by a successful person who was recently in your shoes. Jessica Findlay writes about how recent graduate Amber Bedford has inspired her.

6. Andrea Durfee admits she’s in love. She’s in love with the Advertising Marketing Communications Management course (formerly known as IMC) at St. Lawrence College. Read why in her blog.

Sarrah Durrant investigates how publicity surrounding animal treatment at Marineland is hurting the destination’s image.

7. Marineland is in some pretty hot water when it comes to branding as a result of recent publicity related to animal mistreatment. Sarrah Durrrant writes about it in her latest blog post.

8. Blogger Julia Nichols looks inward after an inspiring conversation with IMC grad Jenny Constanzo, who visited our Writing for Marketing class last week.


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