By Jove! I think they’ve got it!

There are few bigger rewards for teachers than when students grasp a difficult challenge that we’ve set for them.

But that’s what my first-year Advertising students appear to have done as they surpass their third week as new WordPress bloggers.

There are few bigger rewards for teachers than when students grasp a difficult challenge we’ve set for them.

In my Writing for Marketing class (MCOM5), they have been assigned to write an eight-week blog about what they are learning in their classes in order to build their personal brand while developing business writing know-how, social media savvy, and critical thinking skills.

As we move toward Week 4, it’s obvious that students are really getting it. They’re understanding what needs to be done and now there are just a few more steps that need reinforcing.

The assignment is a tall order, especially for those who find writing challenging. But I’m finding that many students who struggle with the mechanics of writing—grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure—are still creating some decent blogs and are demonstrating some significant ability to think and write critically.

As a side note, the majority of students last week wrote about our graduate career panels, which means that MCOM5 is providing its fair share of significant learning experiences.

Eureka! And double eureka!

Now we just have to get students to proofread more thoroughly. We need to remind them to provide examples and specific evidence to back up their claims and opinions. And we have to reinforce the need to cite their sources.

Indeed, those challenges are the focus of tomorrow’s class.


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