Confirmation: truly the best job in the world

Almost every day in the classroom tells me that I’m right where I need

Greatest job in the world teaching such wonderful people

to be.

This morning I returned from four days away from the classroom as a result of my wife Julie giving birth to our daughter Abigail Elaine Armstrong.

As I announced the end of class, one of my students stood up, a sly smile on her face, and said, “Class isn’t over quite yet, Frank.”

She held a gigantic envelope addressed to me with a return address from “The Newly Inspired Office Administration Class 2011.” Inside was a huge homemade card signed by all of the students in one of my classes. In the centre of the card was a drawing of a baby surrounded in objects that represent all the activities that Julie and I love: a painter’s pallet, a Whig-Standard newspaper, a bicycle wheel, a surfboard, and a rock climber’s helmet. A lot of thought and research had obviously gone into the gift.

Accompanying this was a cute little pink bear outfit for Abigail and a set of baby hair bands.

I was moved beyond words and had to bite back tears. The gifts were nice, but it was not the gifts themselves that so moved me; it was all the thought and creativity that went into the gifts and what I hope the effort symbolizes about my relationship to my students.

I hope that I am helping students to become something more and that I am inspiring them just as much as they are inspiring me.


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Business communications instructor, journalist, corporate communications writer and media trainer ... and Masters Candidate M.Ad.Ed.
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6 Responses to Confirmation: truly the best job in the world

  1. Allan says:

    When Allison was born my students all signed a copy of “Guess How Much I Love You” for me and presented it at the end of class. I couldn’t “bite back the tears”.

  2. Shane Hartwell says:

    Congratulations Frank! You are going to be a great Dad, which IMHO is ” the best job ever”. It is nice to hear your class appreciates the tremendous efforts you commit. Soon it will be you and your gang in a ” shanty ” in NS.

    • Thanks, Shane. I don’t get the shanty remark, though. Does this mean fatherhood is going to make me broke? It could happen—if Abigail gets into mountain biking! I’ll have to get her all the most high-tech gear to match her dad.

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