And another thing…

A discussion with Elizabeth tonight reminded me that I need to try to provide more constructive criticism when I’m marking students’ work. I have to work harder to find good things in poor work.

“Oh, Buddha, give me the insight to find something nice in this dung pile,” I should pray….

One other thing: this week, Elizabeth sat at the back of the class for most of the lesson. It’s a great way to shift some of the power in the classroom away from the teacher and to spread it around the room. I’m all in for trying different power dynamics as I’m a big believer of “our classroom, not my classroom.”

I’ve got to try this with my advertising students. They’d probably freak out. And that alone is a good reason to do it.


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2 Responses to And another thing…

  1. Christina Decarie says:

    Yes, giving constructive is such hard work! But it’s like exercising a muscle; you will get better and better as you practice. One thing I do at the end of each student presentation is say, “I want to hear three things that were done well!” The students always find something. Then I pick one thing that needs to be improved and use it as a little lesson for the whole class to learn from. THAT is a challenge: to give constructive feedback without making the presenters uncomfortable.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Christina. I’ll use those tips!

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